Are You Doing This to Make a Sale?

Do your booster parents cringe at the thought of selling goods for a fundraiser? Had they rather make a donation than sell their recommended quota? Have YOU ever had these thoughts yourself?

Through the years, the sales profession has gotten a bad name. When we think of sales, we often conjure up images of the used car salesman in an ill fitting plaid jacket. Puffing on his cheap cigar, we’ve all heard his manipulative sales pitch, pressing us to buy something we don’t want.

Many of us have that perception of sales, but we have the opportunity to change that perception within our organization. Rather than manipulating people to buy things they don’t want, we have the opportunity to influence and guide people to buy things they already want. The truth is, many people are more than willing to support student organizations. Therefore, we must prepare our students and parents to win at sales.

It’s hard to be nervous when your heart’s on service.Rory Vaden

The Secret to Abundant Fundraising

Ask any coach or instructor what they need the most from their booster organization and they’ll likely tell you funding. It’s a fact – student programs simply cannot operate without sufficient funding. Funding is the fuel that powers student programs.

As booster leaders, our success is measured by the amount of funding we bring in to the student program. But how can we be sure that we’ll achieve our fundraising goals? What is it that drives abundant fundraising?

If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.Henry Ford

What Are You Saying No To?

As the parent of a teenager, you’re in one of the busiest seasons of life. There are many demands for your time, and you may feel as if you can’t say no to any of them. Every request that comes your way has its own merit. And while you want to help out with many things, once you’ve invested your time, you may feel empty and wonder where your time really went.

When You Say Yes to One Thing, You’re Saying No to Something Else

You may think you have trouble saying no. However, when you say yes to one thing, you’re saying no to something else. Without realizing it, you may be saying no to things that have a lasting impact.

The Experience That Inspired Me to Serve

In the prior two posts, we took a look at the why behind booster leadership. We have seen how it can benefit you, the individual, and how it can benefit students, instructors, and administrators. The benefits we’ve seen make perfect sense – there’s a logical reason behind each of them. However, the decision to serve is not always made from your head – it is often made from your heart.

Early in my tenure with the Blackman Band Boosters, I had an experience that inspired me to serve wherever there was a need. It was a decision I made from the heart. Here’s the story from my book, The Booster Leader: 35 Leadership Essentials for a Thriving Booster Organization.

The Difference You Can Make In the Lives of Students, Instructors, and School Administrators

In my last post, we focused on the benefits that booster leadership provides you, the individual. Today, let’s look at how booster leadership benefits students, instructors, and school administrators.

Benefits that Booster Leadership Offers Students

Teenagers have an innate need for acceptance and belonging. A great deal of their self-esteem comes from their association with a group. In extracurricular programs, teenagers learn to cooperate together for the greater good of the group. When the group succeeds, each individual feels the pride of their collective accomplishment.

Here are three major benefits that extracurricular programs offer students.