Achieve Your Booster Club’s Annual Fundraising Goals (Even if You’re Off Track)

How are your booster club’s fundraisers performing? Have you generated as much income as you forecasted in your annual budget? If so, congratulations! But if you’re trending away from meeting your goal, it’s not too late to get back on track.

January is the perfect time for a booster club to catch up on fundraising. Many booster clubs’ fiscal years run from June 1st through May 31st. You’ll create next year’s budget in the spring. Before you enter the budgeting season, though, you need to make sure you finish strong to this year’s budget.

If your booster club’s income is trailing your budget expectations, three options immediately come to mind:

Would Your Booster Club Do This To Support The Community?

Booster clubs serve a higher purpose that extends beyond providing funding and volunteer labor for extracurricular programs. Booster clubs make a positive impact on the rising generation, inspiring students to pursue and achieve things they may have never thought possible.

Occasionally, there are opportunities for booster clubs to meet immediate needs within their communities. Leaders of thriving booster clubs continually look for ways to involve their students in these community activities. When they do, students learn to look beyond themselves, and they establish a foundation for future volunteer leadership.

Let’s take a look at some booster clubs that have gone above and beyond to meet needs within their communities. Here are six recent examples:

8 Ways to Communicate Your Booster Club’s Purpose to Parent Volunteers

Last week, we saw how booster clubs can benefit from a best practice in the workplace: to engage parent volunteers by appealing to a higher sense of purpose. Tony Schwartz and Christine Porath found that “employees who derive meaning and significance from their work were more than three times as likely to stay with their organizations.”

The very essence of a booster club is serve a higher sense of purpose – to make an impact on the rising generation. Booster clubs who communicate this well to their parent volunteers realize significant benefits, and set themselves up to achieve their objectives each year.

A Booster Club’s Most Valuable Attribute to Keep Parents Engaged

In many ways, leading a booster club is like running a small business. As in business, you must attract and engage energetic, motivated people to achieve your booster club’s objectives. Today, let’s look to the workplace for best practices in engaging parent volunteers.

In a recent New York Times article, Tony Schwartz and Christine Porath set out to find Why You Hate Work. They were “curious to understand what most influences people’s engagement and productivity at work.” Through a survey of more than 20,000 employees, they found that people are most satisfied and productive when four of their core needs are met: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Do You Empower Your Committee Chairs to Lead With Influence?

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve focused on the role of the committee chair. We’ve seen that committee chairs are on the front lines of a booster club, interfacing with parents and students. At the heart of every thriving booster club you’ll find hard working, dedicated committee chairs.

In my prior posts, we saw how Steve led a thriving Truck & Equipment Committee, and we learned the four attributes of an effective committee chair. Now, let’s examine how the executive team of officers can empower committee chairs and maximize their influence.