Three Unique Booster Club Fundraisers

The booster club fundraising season is in full swing, and the field is crowded. Many extracurricular programs are vying for their sponsors’ charitable donations. Chances are, your booster club is seeking a unique fundraising idea that will capture potential sponsors’ attention and prompt them to reach for their pocket books.

59 - 3 Unique Fundraisers

If selling a product or washing cars seems ordinary and mundane, here are three unique fundraising ideas from booster clubs around the country.

Eight Reasons Why Every High School Band Should Conduct a March-a-Thon

This weekend, my hometown Blackman High School Band launched a new fundraiser – the Blaze Band March-a-Thon. On Saturday morning, the band brought excitement to two of the school’s nearby subdivisions. The drum line laid down the beat with their parade cadence, and the band entertained with the funky sounds of Bruno Mars. Explosive bursts of color were delivered courtesy of the color guard.

58a - March-a-Thon r1

Prior to the event, students solicited pledges from their friends, family, and neighbors. Patrons donated by the mile, or opted for the band to play a song of choice in their front yard. Additionally, parent volunteers accompanied the band, collecting donations along the way.

As you would imagine, this fundraiser was an extraordinary success. Who doesn’t love a parade! Here are eight reasons why every high school band should hold a March-a-Thon.

The Power of a Generous Attitude

Do the responsibilities of raising teenagers ever leave you feeling overwhelmed? Do you ever find yourself approaching tasks with a “have to” mentality? You know, “I have to take my child to practice,” or, “I have to participate in fundraising?” What if you flipped your mindset from “have to” to “get to?”

57 - Generous Attitude

That simple shift in vocabulary can make a tremendous impact on your attitude. Approaching life’s tasks with a generous attitude not only lifts your spirits, it helps you enjoy the things that may be considered mundane or burdensome.

Let’s look at four “get to’s” of raising teenagers who participate in extracurriculars.

A Chaperone’s Guide to Maintaining Sanity on the School Bus Trip

Are you overwhelmed at the thought of chaperoning your child’s school trip? Seriously, being cooped up with with fifty rowdy teenagers can take its toll on one’s sanity.

56 - Sanity on School Bus Trip

Well, chaperones, help is here. These five tips will help you maintain order – and your own sanity – on your school’s bus trip.