Three Specific Actions to Increase Every Booster Club’s Fundraising Performance

Over the past few weeks, we’ve discussed fundraising and how to maximize your booster club’s fundraising revenue. Today, let’s continue by looking at three specific actions that can increase every booster club’s fundraising performance.

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1. Capitalize on “signature” fundraisers. A “signature” fundraiser is synonymous with your program, offers proven value to your customers, and generates repeat customers. Here’s an example. My home town high school’s football boosters sell a pocket discount card with special offers from local restaurants and businesses. The discounts provide significant value, which generally allow the card to pay for itself within the first month of use. The card is valid for one year, which drives repeat customers. The fundraiser also helps build the brand of the organization, as customers receive value each time they use their football boosters discount card.

The Key to Increase Revenue in Your Booster Club Fundraisers

Today’s consumers are as savy as ever, but they’re not only looking for great value in their purchases. They’ve also come to expect outstanding customer service. According to USA Today, Amazon, Chick-fil-A, Apple, Marriott, and Kroger lead the pack when it comes to customer service. In booster club fundraisers, you’re serving the same customers who now expect superior service.

61 - Key to Increase Fundraising Revenue

Too often, a booster club’s fundraising focus is on the internal needs of the organization, and that’s not entirely bad. You must be clear on your funding needs and the method you choose to raise money. However, to maximize your booster club’s fundraising revenue, begin by focusing on the customer. Here are four keys to providing great customer service in your fundraiser.

Three Prudent Secrets to Achieve the Highest Return on Your Fundraisers

Booster leaders, wouldn’t you love to have the assurance of meeting all your fundraising goals? After all, funding is a booster club’s most tangible sign of support for its extracurricular program.

60 - 3 Prudent Secrets of Fundraising

For the majority of organizations, fundraising is a marathon, not a sprint. The field is crowded with student groups, nonprofits, and other organizations competing for the general public’s charitable dollar. So what can you do to achieve your fundraising goals? Tailor your approach. Here are three prudent secrets to achieve the highest return from your fundraising efforts.