Parents’ Unique Opportunity to Achieve Balance Between Work and Life

Much has been written about work-life balance, and rightfully so. Many of us consistently struggle to strike a balance between advancing our careers and nurturing relationships with our families. Truth is, our employers expect our full commitment, and our families deserve our full commitment.

65 - Parents Opportunity Work-Life

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In our modern-day society, we often use the word balance loosely, without fully considering its meaning. Balance is very difficult to accomplish, and we must intentionally seek to achieve and maintain it.

Nik Wallenda probably knows more about balance than many of us will learn in a lifetime. Nik’s a seventh generation high-wire acrobat who has tightrope walked across Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon, and between skyscrapers high above Chicago’s city lights.

A Few More Secrets of Profitable Fundraising

In recent posts, we’ve focused on the secrets of profitable fundraising. Fundraising is essential for all extracurricular activities, and it is a booster club’s top priority. Thriving booster clubs know that it takes more than just a small group of students and parents participating in fundraisers. It takes everyone pulling together toward a common goal to achieve, and exceed, an extracurricular’s funding needs.

63 - A Few More Fundraising Secrets

Today we’ll conclude our fundraising series with three additional tips to realize the greatest return from your fundraisers.