Achieve Your Booster Club’s Annual Fundraising Goals (Even if You’re Off Track)

How are your booster club’s fundraisers performing? Have you generated as much income as you forecasted in your annual budget? If so, congratulations! But if you’re trending away from meeting your goal, it’s not too late to get back on track.

January is the perfect time for a booster club to catch up on fundraising. Many booster clubs’ fiscal years run from June 1st through May 31st. You’ll create next year’s budget in the spring. Before you enter the budgeting season, though, you need to make sure you finish strong to this year’s budget.

If your booster club’s income is trailing your budget expectations, three options immediately come to mind:

  1. Reduce spending. You may be able to reduce spending and make it through the short term, but that takes a toll on the student program. Plus, a booster club’s primary purpose is to provide financial support to the student program it supports. Let this be your last resort.
  2. Ramp up current and upcoming fundraisers. If you have current or upcoming fundraising activities, here are a few tips to maximize your proceeds:

    * Increase communications with your parents, and clearly communicate the deficit you are trying to overcome. People are more likely to participate when they’re working toward a specific dollar amount target.

    * Assign a few influential parents to get involved and give fundraisers a boost.

    * If you’re selling a product, let students and families know how many additional sales will achieve your goal.

    * If you provide volunteer labor to an organization that will in turn make a donation to your booster club, increase your recruiting efforts to be sure you’re fully staffed with volunteers.

  3. Initiate additional fundraisers. SignUpGenius offers 50 Fundraising Ideas, Creative and Easy Ways to Raise Money for Your Organization. Here you’ll find many ideas and thought starters for fundraisers that you can conduct with only a few days of preparation.

    Before you embark on any new fundraiser, be sure your school administration and local school board approve. Additionally, many states require charitable organizations to register before sponsoring a raffle, lottery, or gaming event of any kind. Prepare for a delay, as the registration process may take as long as 12 to 18 months.

If you are ready to take your booster club’s fundraising to the next level, check out my book, The Booster Leader: 35 Leadership Essentials for a Thriving Booster Organization. The Booster Leader is available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats.

Question: What have been your booster club’s most profitable fundraisers? You can leave a comment by clicking here.