The Proven Way to Prepare Chaperones and Students for a Fun-Filled Spring Trip

It’s spring trip season for many booster clubs, and the key to fun-filled travel is forward planning. Before you hit the road, be sure that everyone is well prepared and knows what to expect. The best way to communicate your expectations is by meeting with your chaperones and travelers in advance.

Here are the key points for success in each of these meetings.

1. The chaperone meeting. Meet with your chaperones two to three weeks before your trip and tell them what to expect. Here you’ll share guidelines, rules, and expectations for travel.

The chaperone meeting gives them a chance to meet each other and exchange contact information. You’ll have the opportunity to answer questions and to make sure that everyone is “on the same page.” This is where you’ll share room, chaperone, and bus assignments with them. Occasionally, they will identify problem areas or suggest changes to the assignments. Always welcome their feedback and make every effort to implement their suggestions.

2. The student/parent meeting. This mandatory meeting is for all student travelers, their parents, and chaperones. Schedule this meeting approximately ten days before travel. This will allow a weekend between the meeting and the trip for students and their parents to buy last minute items they learn about during the meeting.

Invite a representative from your tour company to give a detailed overview of

• The itinerary
• How to pack
• General travel information
• Guidelines for bus travel
• A budget for spending money based on the attractions at the destination.

Ask your instructor to cover the expectations for discipline and how school rules will be enforced. Have a Trip Committee member speak “parent to parent” about the role of the chaperone and answer your parents’ questions.

At the end of the meeting, chaperones will meet their assigned students and their parents. Use this time to exchange cell phone numbers, learn if anyone has special dietary needs, and understand the regimen for your students’ medications.

Use pre-trip meetings to set common expectations for all travelers. This will help prevent unanticipated surprises from arising while on the road. Once you have completed these preparations, you are ready for the fun to begin!

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Question: What do you do to prepare your chaperones and students for travel? You can leave a comment by clicking here.