The Silent – and Potentially Devastating – Risk Facing All Booster Clubs

Nearly every booster club leader will tell you their club’s greatest priorities are fundraising and recruiting volunteer labor – and they’re right. Booster clubs cannot function without financial support and volunteer leadership.

48 - Embezzlement

Although these are a booster club’s most urgent needs, there is another, silent risk that threatens every club – embezzlement by a volunteer.

Just this week, a former treasurer was sentenced to five years of probation, 120 days in jail, and restitution of $74,400 for embezzling from the high school band booster club she served.

Additionally this week, a former volunteer was ordered to serve 18 months in prison for embezzling more than $10,300 from two different high school booster clubs, and for stealing over $60,000 in public assistance benefits.

Can a booster club screen out potential embezzlers?

Now that we’ve identified the risk of embezzlement, can we screen out potential embezzlers? That’s a great thought, but it’s often difficult to identify potential thieves before placing them in positions of leadership. I’ve shown why in my prior post, 4 Common Conditions Leading to Booster Club Embezzlement.

Can a booster club insulate itself from embezzlement?

The good news is that booster clubs CAN insulate themselves from embezzlement! The solution is very simple – separate financial roles and reporting among two or more people. In the auditing world, this is called separation of duties.

Transparency is the key to a booster club’s financial integrity. A booster club that delegates financial control to one person puts itself at a high risk for embezzlement. Unfortunately, for many people, the temptation to help themselves to booster club funds is too great to resist.

In my post, 5 Proven Ways to Insulate Your Booster Club from Embezzlement, I share the fundamental steps in separating an organization’s financial duties.

What else can a booster club do to promote financial integrity?

Booster clubs have several additional opportunities to protect themselves from embezzlement, like not accepting cash. A booster club may also purchase fidelity bond insurance, which is an insurance product that protects the organization from fraudulent and dishonest acts of its volunteers.

The Booster Leader

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Question: What does your booster club do to promote financial integrity? You can leave a comment by clicking here.