Would Your Booster Club Do This To Support The Community?

Booster clubs serve a higher purpose that extends beyond providing funding and volunteer labor for extracurricular programs. Booster clubs make a positive impact on the rising generation, inspiring students to pursue and achieve things they may have never thought possible.

Occasionally, there are opportunities for booster clubs to meet immediate needs within their communities. Leaders of thriving booster clubs continually look for ways to involve their students in these community activities. When they do, students learn to look beyond themselves, and they establish a foundation for future volunteer leadership.

Let’s take a look at some booster clubs that have gone above and beyond to meet needs within their communities. Here are six recent examples:

  1. Palatine High School boosters support family of runner hit by car. In Palatine, IL, the Palatine Pirate Boosters raised money for the family of Ryan Kissane, a cross-country runner who was struck by a car while jogging with his teammates. Funds raised will assist his family with medical bills.
  2. Community helps Hillsboro’s Chris Chapman pay for mom’s funeral. In Nashville, TN, The Hillsboro High School Quarterback Club rallied the community around their student athlete and raised money to help with his mom’s funeral costs. Chapman is an only child, and did not have the money to cover funeral and burial expenses.
  3. Chapel Hill, NC booster club and PTA raise money for assistant principal’s kidney transplant. At Smith Middle School, the PTA and booster club helped raise funds for assistant principal Stephon Goode’s upcoming kidney transplant.
  4. Smithtown, NY athletes help the hungry. The Smithtown High School West Athletes Helping Athletes program recently collected 381 pounds of food items for Long Island Cares to benefit the hungry on Long Island.
  5. Replaced gym floor keeps giving to Haven by funding scholarship. In Hutchinson, KS, the gym floor of former Haven High School (currently Haven Grade School) is being sold, board by board, with proceeds funding an alumni booster club scholarship fund.
  6. Patrick Henry Band heads to Hawaii to honor veterans. The Patrick Henry High School Band of Roanoke, VA, traveled to Hawaii to represent the state in the Pearl Harbor parade on December 7th. The band spent the majority of the past two years raising funds for the trip that honors our nations veterans.

While many booster clubs focus inwardly on meeting their own needs, these booster clubs have gone above and beyond to fill unmet needs within their communities. In the process, they set an example of service and leadership for their students that will last a lifetime.

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